Investigation of Gastrointestinal Symptoms

 Change in bowel habit.

 Weight loss.


 Rectal bleeding.

 Abdominal pain.


General Surgical Procedures

 Hernia repair.

 Laparoscopic Incisional hernia repair.

 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

 Excision of skin lesions.


 Endoscopic procedures




Colorectal and Coloproctology Procedures

 Haemorrhoidal surgery.

 Perianal fistulae.

 Laparoscopic Colorectal resection

 for benign and malignant disease.

  Surgery for Rectal prolapse.


 Medico-Legal Reports


  Awarded an LLB (Hons) 2003 and LLM (Medical Law) 2005.


I have completed the Bond Solon Expert Witness training programme.


I have provided medico legal reports for over 10 years.


I currently prepare 2 -3 medico legal reports per month for several legal firms.


I am an Independent Clinical Adviser for NHS Wales, on the Welsh Assembly Government Independent Adviser Data Base.


As an expert witness, I have attended the HM Coroners Court and Crown Court and also the High Court, Royal Courts of Justice, London.



I confirm that I am aware of the requirements of Part 35 and Practice Direction 35, the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims 2005, as amended, and the Practice Direction on Pre-action Conduct.